Netflix: Don't give Gwyneth Paltrow a platform

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Gwyneth Paltrow, at best, is a snake oil saleswoman.   Through her brand goop, she offers false hope to people who have no other treatment options.  She also sells healthcare options that have no basis in fact and can prevent people from seeking real care, because they think they have what they need.   

But this is not nearly as bad as the misinformation she peddles concerning the safeness and efficacy of life-saving vaccines.   

A celebrity voice carries weight.   And Washington State has an emergency epidemic on its hands for a fully preventable disease.  

By allowing her to present in a docuseries format, an additional air of legitimacy is added to her claims,  claims which harm people.  

She has a right to free speech (though not a right to con people).   Netflix also has a right to free speech.  Please exercise that right by making it clear that this has NO PLACE on your platform.