Netflix: Cancel the 2019 Saint Seiya Remake

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Netflix is doing it again!

 Saint Seiya is one of the most beloved anime series worldwide (outside of the US). When I heard that Netflix was doing a remake of the original series I was very pleased, after all they did a great job with Devilman, and they are doing a great job promoting anime in general. Then I hear that it was a CGI series, that was not what I was expecting, but it was still something that could have worked, but now I stand here after seeing the first trailer for the series and I just fell sick, NETFLIX is going to destroy the Franchise!, the animation is subpar, it looks like a children carton, the story is being changed I saw Tanks, Helicopters and some generic Black Saints, I´m pretty sure the series will not be as bloody as the original one, the musical score is some Generic BS, the Bronze Saints are not wearing their helmets/headbands and to top it all they made Shun a Woman … and she is not using a mask as all female Saints are supposed to use.

Netflix, you insulted the Death Note Fans, you destroyed She-Ra, and now you’re going to destroy Saint Seiya, you have to cancel this Travesty and tell us who is responsible for this Disaster. Saint Seiya fans, raise your voice and let NETFLIX understand that they are hiring unqualified and mediocre professionals to remake one of the greatest series of all time.