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We need your help! The chronicles of Narnia is a 7 books saga, it was adapted to cinema in 2005,2008 and 2010, but it really don’t follow the books, starting that the first movie is not the first book. I’m 2017 Netflix bough the saga to adapt, And selected a people to coordinate the movies, unitI today, we don’t have more pronunciations by Netflix. 

The selected coordinator, Matthew Aldrich said that he is afraid, cause Netflix is waiting too much, and he is starting thinking that nothing can happen.

some fans are upping the tag #Netflixadaptnarnia and we got some attention by websites and twitter, coming to the top trendings. Some Brazillian fans asked to Netflix Brazil “how many times we will need to Ask Netflix for Narnia?” And the answer was “you can ask how many times you want, if I’ll do it, it’s an other thing” 

This saga tell us about how people can change, friendship, woman force, love by siblings, pardon, patience and a lot of other important things. It’s for ALL the ages, and is a magical experience when you read it our see it. THIS DESERVE TO BE ADAPTED! WE NEED YOUR HELP!