Renew Iron Fist for season 3!! Even if it's a final season.

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The Immortal Iron Fist is no longer immortal. As Netlfix just canned the show.

It's a business world and I do get that decision if the show's just not making money for you.


does storytelling doesn't matter anymore?

I don't care what anyone says. I loved Iron Fist. Both the seasons. 2nd season was a HUGE improvement over the first. If anything, post-season 1 was the right time to cancel it. 

But cancelling it AFTER season 2?


Coming back to my original point. Does storytelling doesn't matter anymore?

Season 2 was the perfect opportunity to wrap things up. And let the show die in dignity. But no! You had tease us with an ending that begs a season 3.

And fans too, loved it! 

And...then you cancel it. 

Agent Carter, Inhumans, and now Iron Fist.

Even The Defenders to an extent. I'm tired of stories being never completed. 

Justice League, TASM universe, and now this!

IMAGINE if someone stopped the MCU after Iron Man 2. 

But that is what is happening today. Every show dips a little and it gets canned. Your season 1 was critically panned which even carried onto the ambitious Avengers-like crossover. And you thought it could be corrected in 1 season? 

No. It takes time. And season 2 took giant steps towards the right direction. 

Listen, even Gotham is doing the right thing by giving people the finale it so deserves and hyped. Maybe, we, as a population, should stop being so...I dont even know the word, and be a bit more patient.

In all, if Agent Carter, Inhumans, Defenders and Iron Fist is Marvel's TV future, I don't think fans can afford any longer to invest in their stories. Their time is precious, too, you know! 

All in all, we, the fans, petition to Netflix, Marvel and all other television networks to renew the show for a 3rd season. Even if it's a final one. Give us Iron Fist. More importantly, at the least, give us closure.

I believed in Marvel. I still do. So, do the right thing. End the story in a dignified manner. No more, no less.


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