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Make Netflix include resources for those struggling with Eating Disorders in 'To The Bone'

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After the release of '13 Reasons Why' a lot of people were affected by the series, because it was really explicit and also there's a lot of people who affirmed that the message given wasn't the right one on the topic. It is true that there were some triggr warnings in a few episodes, but not in all of them which included content that could affect people struggling with self-harm, suicide thoughts and so on. Also, there weren't any resources for viewers who could be going through a hard time and struggling with Mental Health issues. Even though in the end there was like an extra chapter with that, in the chapters themselves there wasn't any of that.

Yesterday, we could see the trailer of a new movie by Netflix, 'To the Bone', which is about Eating Disorders. There's many people complaining about how triggering it was, especially because it included calory counting - which is triggering for those suffering from Eating Disorders - and also because it seemed as if the issue isn't as serious as it is. Besides, others complain about how strereotypically it seemed, and how it secures the idea that Eating Disorders are all about weight and only thin people suffer from them - which is wrong. It is feared that the movie will affect negatively a lot of people, and that it will also give a wrong idea of what Eating Disorders are like. 

That's the reason behind this petition. The movie has been made, I know. I can't judge the movie itself since I haven't watched it, but, if the trailer has had that impact, which one can the movie have? You can't just look away and think a movie like this won't have consequences - and the best you can do is to reduce those consequences, the more, the most. 

In case that in Netflix you haven't considered this - since in '13 Reasons Why' you didn't - it's necessary that you include actual resources for those struggling with Eating Disorders, so they know who to turn to and that they can get help. Resources such as telephone numbers to call, websites, organizations, and so on.

Also, it's important that you include trigger warnings, because the movie can be really triggering.

Mental Health is something serious. Eating Disorders are not something to just glamorize, to make it seem like calory counting is funny, or that those issues are fixed by reading positive quotes and say "fuck off". Right now, I'm not judging the movie, we are judging the trailer. And I say "we" because there's many people agreeing with me, that's why I wanted to say this.

There's people dying, people struggling, you can't just look away and believe that nothing will happen. Let's prevent. 

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