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Make Eragon a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Series

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Disclaimer: I don't know, nor am I affiliated with C-POW (Christopher Paolini).  I do make up great nicknames though.


We've been patient.
We've been disappointed.

Now, the wounds have healed.  With interest in fantasy growing once again, with remakes and reboots rampant, and web platforms expanding and scouring the earth for the next big thing... we know an Eragon series is very possible.

With thousands?  Millions? of fans across the globe, Eragon is still very much an international sensation and a visual narrative would draw many subscribers or viewers.

A series for this would give the opportunity to expand on many details that were missed when the film adaptation by Fox was released.  Not only this, but if successful, it could be renewed for a second season to follow the second book, third for the third... and so on (psst C-POW if you see this we love you and want book 5 ayyy lmao).
Plus everyone is so hype about Game of Thrones right now that it would be stupid to not piggyback off of the hunger for more fantasy.

Naturally, we as fans would prefer Paolini's input and consult for the development of the series.

So please, for your consideration and future emmy awards, make Eragon a series.

oh also give C-POW a cameo
and me

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