Lost In Space needs more than three seasons The Robinsons Journey is not over yet

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We have recently found out that Lost In Space has been renewed for a third and final season. I feel with many other fans who will agree with me in the Fandom that three seasons is no where near enough for this iconic reboot as The Robinsons Story is not truly over yet. Please act now and sign this petition as we really need The Robinsons story to continue.


Here are my Review of Lost In Space Season 2 and why all the fans do not want The Robinsons Story to end so quickly.

Lost In Space Season 2 where it has really surprised even more compared to last years Season 1. For starters there is much bigger scope in this season defying boundaries we never thought was possible. Contains lovely emotional family moments especially at Christmas in the first episode as even though the robinsons are trapped on a planet they do not know they still find time to spend Christmas family time and have a heart to heart along with a laugh with each other, which provides them a way for them to wind down before the critical life threatening mission ahead.

Obviously Will and The Robot's relationship is building to a new level that we thought was not possible a way to comprehend his consciousness as a living being. While we know the humans are the bad guys in this scenario, which we get to see an overall perspective from both sides.

The VFX is obviously much better as we see a bigger scope of exploration with alot more space scenes as SCIFI Fan I love to see as I am fascinated by space. Also obviously the sound track that just adds the overall feel of the scenes some fast pace and some slow pace.

I would recommend Lost In Space to anyone and any SCIFI Fans fascinated with space exploration. Finally the plot twists are so well written and amazingly acted that you do not see them coming until they show you on the actual scene. The best way to watch Lost In Space I found is on a TV as this TV Show is made for TV's and you get the full cinematic experience especially if you have a soundbar to amplify you experience as well. I would like to say a well done and congratulations especially Max @maxwelljenkins8 for portraying Will Robinson such a smart, emotional, kind young character who always sees the best in everyone, Mina @minasundwall for portraying Penny Robinson a very creative young strong willed kind character and Taylor @tayrussell who portrays a character called Judy Robinson who is basically a medical expert, kind and loving team leader. Thankyou for all the writers, cast and crew for bringing us such a well written, amazingly acted SCIFI masterpiece.