Let's have the show "Fit for Fashion" removed from Netflix

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The Netflix show "Fit for Fashion" has been brought to our attention this morning. In a world where we are all working together to achieve such positive change in the fashion industry and across the board, there's no place for a show like this where contestants battle it out physically and mentally (contestants who are already in great shape) to win $100,000 and a modelling contract. The show judges the contestants on their ability to be "Fit for Fashion"... this show is everything we don't need right now. It hinders all the beautiful work which is being done to champion diversity in modelling campaigns and across the board.

This show must be removed from Netflix.

Personal story
I'm Mandy Rose Jones and I run an organisation called The Empowered Woman Project. It started out as a blog about mental health but very quickly developed into a community where people support one another and call out BS which makes women feel bad about themselves. We have been doing our bit to help put an end to paid partnerships between celebrities / influencers and damaging brands and continue to fight with our peers for diversity in fashion.