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Last stand of the Chucktivists- Bring back Chuck

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It's been 5 years since Chuck left our screens. In this time Zachary Levi has said on multiple occasions that while most of the cast would LOVE to make a Chuck movie the decision is out of his hands and lies in the hands of Warner Bros. I began watching Chuck when it first came out back in 2007 and watched every single episode all the way until it was cancelled in 2012. I'm not the type of man who gets emotional over such minor incidences but I can say without a doubt that when Chuck ended the way it did, I was honestly heartbroken.

The reason I'm starting this petition now is because I have been waiting patiently these 5 years for news that Chuck would be continued in some way, shape or form whether it be continued as a series, movie or perhaps as a Netflix Original movie. In all this time there has only been a few whispers as to plans on continuing but nothing definite. With this petition I'm laying it all out on the table. I would like them to tell us, the fans, for sure whether we can expect anything or if it is truly the end for Chuck.

I have included Netflix, Hulu and Amazon because I believe that if NBC don't wish to carry the story, one of these streaming services will. Even if Netflix decides not to release a new season of Chuck they may decide to make a Netflix Original movie every year or so depending on the popularity and maybe even progress to a TV Show if Chuck proves to be extremely popular. I'm including Subway because as you may recall Subway sponsored the first few seasons of Chuck and hopefully may be willing to do so again making for a better funded TV Show and more customers for them.Finally, I'm including Warner Bros. because they have the final say. Warner Bros. owns the rights to Chuck so the decision rests in their hands ultimately.

The main reason Chuck was cancelled was because it didn't receive as many views as anticipated. This was due to many reasons, the most prominent being that it fought with hits such as Dancing with the Stars, Rules of Engagement, How I Met your Mother and House all fighting for the 8-9pm slot. I think this issue would be overcome if a streaming service were to take over, fan's would no longer have to decide which show they'd rather watch as Chuck would be on-demand. It should be noted that while Chuck was cancelled due to "low ratings" by the 5th season it was still recieving around 4.25 million views beating popular shows like Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and during it's first season had an average of 8.68 million viewers.In addition to this, since 2012 many new viewers have begun to watch Chuck, 5 years later people are still talking about Chuck and watching reruns and that means Chuck is still as popular as ever despite Netflix removing it in 2016. 

I'm hoping that even if 1 of the 4.25 million who loyally watched Chuck until the very end will sign this petition, we can convince them to give Chuck another go and I am 100% sure that once Chuck re-emerges it'll be a hit TV Show and will carry on for many seasons/movies to come. I am calling this "The Last Stand of the Chucktivists" because every year that passes, the likelihood of Chuck coming back lessens. With this petition I want us to know once and for all. Will Chuck Return?

Please share this petition with anyone and everyone and introduce your friends and family to Chuck. every signature counts and brings us one step closer to reviving the best TV Show of all time. We deserve to know if Sarah remembers Chuck, if they buy their dream home, Does Shaw finally die and do Morgan and Alex get married :)

Thank you

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