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Keep Star Wars: Clone Wars!

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Around the United States, there are many Star Wars fans, who love and enjoy the Clone Wars series.  Even though the series has been discontinued, our love for the Clone Wars and it's iconic characters, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan, has never faded.  We love the Clone Wars as much as we love the entire Star Wars franchise. By taking out the Star Wars:Clone Wars show from Netflix, Netflix is not allowing the younger generation, as well as the current generation, to truly enjoy the Clone Wars. Nowadays, we can't find Clone Wars anywhere, and Netflix is our only way to watch it!  

My younger sibling loves watching the Clone Wars.  Every other day, she sits down with her iPad, ready to watch another episode featuring Ahsoka, or maybe Rex.  It's heartwarming to see her enjoy the Clone Wars so much.  If Netflix takes out the Clone Wars, we won't be able to enjoy these episodes.  Moreover, it will also leave us heartbroken, and yearning for the show.  It's our favorite show; to binge-watch, to watch with friends, even to watch with family.  Netflix; by removing the show Star Wars: Clone Wars from Netflix, you're leaving many Star Wars fans devastated, and miserable.  Keep Star Wars:The Clone Wars on Netflix!! Help the Star Wars fans, and keep the Clone Wars Legacy going!!

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