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Get the FOX drama Rosewood Picked up by a different Network

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  The FOX drama "Rosewood" consisted of a diverse cast as well as a group of talented actors and guest stars. The main character having been black offered a different insight to how African American people carry themselves. Instead of making it's African American characters "ghetto", "ignorant" or full of drama "Rosewood" made it's characters and storylines relatable. If "Rosewood" is not picked up by a different network then people will be missing out on an artistic piece of work, on the surface "Rosewood" is a Crime/Drama with a pathologist and Detective solving crimes. However, "Rosewood" is much deeper than that the show dealt with real life issues such as the effects of telling your family you are homosexual not only that but how someone would deal with losing their family after telling them about their homosexuality. "Rosewood" talked about living with disabilities and conditions and how some people never let those get in their way. This show is an inspiration and without it there aren't many other shows who offer different insghts on things especially from a minority point of view. "RosewoodRosewoodRosewood" means a lot to me because it gives me hope for myself. I wish to be in the film business when I get older but it seems to me that shows with African American leads or escalated drama do not last long which makes me lose faith that I could accomplish my dream of becoming a director and producer. With your help this could spread and get to a network such as Netlfix, NBC or ABC who is willing to pick up "Rosewood" for a third season. 

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