Get Ninja Sex Party A Netflix Show

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Get Ninja Sex Party A Netflix Show

When you watch a NSP music video or even just listen to their songs they always manage to convay a story alongside it. Epic tails of ninjas, of sex, and of course parties. And I feel this is the perfect thing to be incoperated into a TV show, not disimilar to popular shows such as Flight Of The Conchords, maybe even with a little bit of It's Always Sunny In Philadelpha mixed in there.

Imagine what could discover about your two favourite protagonists, Ninja Brian and Danny Sexbang through the wonders of Netflix. Does Danny really get that much sex? If so what are his moves? Does Ninja Brain really kill that many people? If so what are his moves?

Each episode could follow a different tail in their lives. Using previous songs as examples, for their most recent song, 'Danny Don't You Know' they could have an episode based around Danny and Brain sending them back in time to meet with their prior selfs, or you could look at 'Cool Patrol' where the whole episode is centred around the idea of them breaking into a school to try inspire the youth culture and enrich their sex-lifes through the power music.

Obiviously, these episode ideas aren't exact as it would would be new songs created specifically for the story ark of the episode, most likely with multiple songs within each episode. For example they could do an episode about Danny wanting penis enlargement surgery, so him and Brain go to a couple of loan sharks to surface the money to do so. Danny gets the surgery and gets tons of babes but the debt soon catches up with him and the loan sharks go out to hunt him. He ends up getting confronted by the sharks and has an epic battle with them with the help of Ninja Brain. Danny and Brain then reign victorious, however at the cost of Danny's penis and sexlife as during the battle on of the sharks pops his weiner and it returns back to normal size. During this episode they could write multiple songs. It could start of with Danny waking up one day and when he goes on his favourite site for his morning tug he sees an ad for penis enlargement surgery and sings a song all about how he needs it. Possible song titles for this could be "Using Grandma's Pension for a Penis extension" (obiviously, grandma's pension won't be enough money which is why he goes to a loan shark). Later on in the episode they could then do a song about getting the loan, another about getting the surgery, another about being trying to escape the loan sharks and then a final one about the battle which starts of Epic and then ends sad with the loss of Danny's penis.

I feel this idea would be super profitable for both NSP and Netflix and that's what I need your help proving it. Sign this petition and share it to let the world know that we want NSP: The Netflix Show (probably give it a better title).

Also ps NSP and Netflix if your looking for writers for it, I'm always here.