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Get Amazon Prime or Netflix to consider resurrecting the Cult TV Show Utopia

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Utopia was a British TV Show on Channel 4 created by Kudos Production – it was a dark comedy thriller. It was incredibly quirky, clever, and it was very well received by critics and had a cult following very quickly. However, compared to the US, the UK is a small country. Very few people even knew that the show existed. Despite a very positive reception, the viewing figures were too low and Utopia was cancelled after two seasons.

The show is about a group of ordinary people who get involved with a secret and deadly organisation that had infiltrated political infrastructure using corruption. Members of the organisation were everywhere - it was terrifying. The show ended on a cliff hanger.

After the show was cancelled, the head writer Dennis Kelly (who would be called the showrunner in the US) made it known that he was happy to continue the show if anybody was interested. HBO bought the rights to an American remake. However, the project was abandoned.

Online Television providers seem to have an eye for rescuing quirky and groundbreaking TV shows that regular channels are not adventurous enough to try. If Utopia was on Netflix or Amazon Video, it would be exposed to the entire US and would therefore have no trouble with viewing numbers.

If it was exposed to a bigger audience, Utopia could be huge.

We request that Netflix or Amazon Video buy the rights to and market the first two seasons of Utopia as their own original content. If people high up at Netflix or Amazon Video even just watch the show they will realise what a hidden gem it is.

It is already a universal TV show that would be popular if available in America. After trialling the first two Seasons, we request that Netflix or Amazon continue the show and make a third season, or perhaps a US remake.

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