Get 13 Reasons Why Canceled

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13 Reasons Why glamorizes suicide and treats suicidal people as attention-seeking drama queens. It presents suicide as the ultimate revenge. This show encourages these misconceptions about depression and suicide which often results in depressed and suicidal people not receiving the treatment and support they need. It also only provides resources for those struggling with depression and suicidal feelings in one episode and it is necessary to provide information in all episodes in case someone watching has a mental illness that was triggered in some form by the show. This show represents mentally ill people in a terrible light and glamorizes suicide. This petition intends to get Netflix to not any more seasons of 13 Reasons Why and to cancel the show. As someone who has struggled with mental illness their entire life, 13 Reasons Why encourages the kind of misconceptions about mental illness that I had to contend with even from my closest and most trusted friends. I know others have had to deal with the same kind of hurtful untruths, and 13 Reasons Why only encourages thinking that depressed/suicidal people are just too sensitive and dramatic, and it encourages glamorization of suicide. Stop this show from continuing. Sign this petition.

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