Free Netflix During Coronavirus Lockdown

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As people now, there is a worldwide Coronavirus pandemic going on currently. To prevent more transmission, infection and death from this disease, governments around the world have issued lock downs restricting people from leaving their homes. 

This is a time where everyone, including major corporations, can do their part to contribute to prevent this disease from destroying mankind. Netflix is a huge corporation that could show solidarity with people around the world by providing people with free Netflix for a time. Maybe just of Netflix proprietary shows and movies.

I believe that everyone around the world would be benefitted and thankful from a gesture like this from Netflix. Also, I believe it would be enormous good publicity for your company, where you would be showing you understand how serious isolation is, also, how important entertainment and humor are to distract people from even the worst situations.

Netflix, you could make days more enjoyable for children locked in at home, people who are sick, doctors on never ending shifts at hospitals, every human on the planet who is threatened by the disease and also can't afford little luxuries like Netflix because of the impact of Covid19 on the economy.