Demands For Netflix's Avatar! - TheLastSnag's

Demands For Netflix's Avatar! - TheLastSnag's

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Daniel Hansen started this petition to Netflix

"...The more that I come to better understand this show and the masterful film-making behind it, the more that I come to believe that it deserves continual attention, appreciation, and acclaim... but what I really want to do here is take an in-depth look at how the writers of this show are able to carefully write characters, in order to draw viewers into the drama, emotion, and lore of the story they are trying to tell."

- The Weight of Cinema, Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Weight Of Cinema Analysis (Part 1/4) "The Delicacy of Character."

                                                   ~ About ~

This petition is to unite the global fan-base in supporting and showing that support to the creators of the Avatar The Last Airbender and its universe. So pleeeeeease my fellow avatar fans, sign and share this petition with every fan you know and then go share it on all of Netflix's social media accounts!

This petition is to show Netflix and those in charge of the live Avatar adaption, that we as fans don't really care for "Netflix's version" of the show. We know it will be somewhat better than Paramount and M. Night's version (we hope). We want to see the "creators version" and what they envisioned.

This petition is calling on Netflix to discuss with and re-hire the creators of Avatar The Last Airbedner. This petition is NOT forcing Michael or Bryan to go back to a creative environment that they feel is hostile. It is stating to Netflix that IF Michael and Bryan decide to come back, for Netflix to given in to many (not all, but should be most) of their ideas and suggestions since that is what we the fans, who are your customers, want. This is their world that they created. They know it best and they know from the show versus the movie what fans do and don't want in a live adaptation. If you want to make the most money, you need to include the creators and provide all the time and money they need to make it perfect.

                                             ~ The Petition ~


To whom it may concern,

In order to provide the highest quality of adaption, receive the largest amount of followers and therefore revenue, and to restore your standing with the global fan-base of Avatar that you have angered, we respectfully and strongly recommend the following actions be considered and followed.

1) Re-hire the creators and collaborate more by giving in to more of their suggestions and ideas.

Reason: We the fans have already seen a horrible adaption made. You will see many comments on this petition saying they don't want certain mistakes repeated. That includes how Paramount and its producers and director ignored the creators of the fictional world they were trying to portray.

Examples where ignoring or rejecting the creators went horribly wrong:

- Star Wars. While I personally am fine with episodes 7-9, once Lucas sold the rights and was removed from the films, it split the fan-base. Episodes 7-9 particularity 8 were very devise with fans because others took a work and attempted to be creative with a work that wasn't their own and didn't fully understand when they had access to the original author the whole time. An example of where listening to author worked... Harry Potter!They brought on J.K. Rowling and look how involved she was... and now looked what that film series turned into and how much money it made! Bring back the creators of Avatar!

- Game of Thrones. Look how season 8 turned out, same thing. Was an incredible show, then the author of the fictional world was ignored or removed and now season 8 of GOT is a joke.

- The Hobbit. Despite having made 3 time-defying films of the beloved story of LOTR, Jackson added Tariel, a whole new character and then a couple more scenes that were not in the books and it split the fan-base again.

The whole point of theses examples is that the creators know/understand their fictional worlds better than companies or people just trying to expand them and make money off them. Airbender fans are tired of video game and film companies taking their beloved story and treating it like dirt to make some pennies off it while they run the name back into the ground.

We do not care for Netflix's version, we want to see the creator's version!

2) DO NOT repeat the same mistakes as Paramount did and white-wash the actors. Provide the correct ethnic representation when casting.

Reason: Part of the shows 'charm' was its way of introducing and representing different cultures, their architectures, and their races. This is a huge part of what makes Avatar unique and given it the attention it has over the years. We already got a white-washed version and you saw how much the fans hated it. If the fans are the ones paying you and you upset them, you wont get paid. You already have an example of what not to do, do you really want to repeat the same mistake and get the same response on our project? "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me[(Netflix)]."

3) DO NOT "up the age" of the characters.

Reason: Regardless if you are wanting to hire specific actors or want to age them up so you can just them more sexual, don't do it. Why on earth would you take a beloved KIDS show and make the actors and characters more sexual!? What part of "kid's show" did you not understand? And if you are worried about an older fan-base not wanting to watch it, the original fans are all about 30 years of age now. This is adults are already wanting to watch the show, don't worry about adults passing over your project, they wont. Plus, Kids will be watching this and the fact that you are wanting to try and introduce them to sexual content at their age is disgusting and I bet there's some law that makes it illegal too if we looked deep enough for one.

4) DO NOT sexualize anything within the show.

Reason: You already have June who is a character that would be "sexy" enough for you to get away with. Just let it go.

5) The TONE. While the show does touch on both dark and adults themes at times: (blood-bending aka possessing another person, war, murder, genocide, deceit, and so on) DO NOT make the overall tone of the show dark and heavy.

Reason: We the fans are not wanting a Game of Thrones story. While Lord of The Rings is an example of a "lighter" movie, we also aren't wanting to copy that either. We want Avatar to be its own thing which only the creators understand the tone and "spirit" of the show. So bring them back and listen to them! They understood perfectly how to portray something dark or heavy in order to ask a question. Then how to sit and wait for a bit in that dark tone for the question to sink in, but they also knew when exactly to crack a joke with a character (mainly Sokka) or cut to a lighter scene so that the show never felt overwhelmingly dark. They understand the balance perfectly, so why not listen to them? How many times do we the fans have to say...

'We do not care for Netflix's version, we want to see the creator's version.'

                                          ~ The Conclusion ~

While we are all sounding pretty upset here, and we are, we are still on your side Netflix. We the fans know you have a reputation of being 50/50 on making something ok and making something amazing, and we want this to be amazing! We want you to succeed, but we are also wanting you to give us want we say we are wanting and not what you think is best for us. So please, be humble enough to take a step back, realize this petition and letter is only trying to help guide you in making something truly amazing and able to provide you huge revenue, and restore your brand-name with those that have lost faith in you.

We urge you to be humble, transparent, and willing to reach out the creators of Avatar again and respectfully ask them to comeback and then listen to their counsel. Then to be open and transparent with us fans, collaborate with us a little bit. If you do so, we promise to forgive you and support you in making something truly great and timeless!


TheLastSnag and Avatar Fans



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!