Demand Netflix to Stream PBS’s Wishbone!

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There is a void present in the universe. It was magnified when a North Korean/Russian super spy, employed by the New England Patriots, assassinated Harambe. The earth entered into a full-fledged tail spin. Right appears to be wrong, wrong appears to be right, and Justin Bieber’s music is actually alright.

This is obvious. It’s the world we see everyday. What is lesser known is the two previous terroristic attacks this group inflicted on mankind in yesteryears.

This group, closely linked to the Taliban and the creators of Crystal Pepsi, are the ones responsible for revoking Pluto’s planet status, resulting in dozens of people actually upset, educators having less work to do, and death.

It gets even more gruesome. These spitwads are the reason that Wishbone is no longer aired on television. 

(Dramatic pause to allow that to sink in...jaws drop...a baby can be heard crying faintly in the distance)

Harambe was about to expose these cowards when they offed him. In order to achieve justice for Harambe, we need justice for Joe Talbot and his book-reading Jack Russell terrier.

It’s time for humanity to band together for the only worthwhile cause, to demand President Trump to demand Netflix to demand PBS to allow them to stream Wishbone for viewers like you.

Eradicate terrorism. Resurrect a cos-playing, book-reading dog. Justice for Harambe. #hashtag 

(fireworks everywhere, glitter and one dollar bills float gently from the sky, McDonalds decides to offer the McRib all year round)