Create an 80s themed television sci-fi thriller that evokes Steven Spielberg/Stephen King

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In the age of streaming, there is more content than ever before. While people continue to create shows and media that explore the questions of our time and day, many organizations are missing the perfect opportunity to recreate the pop culture of past generations.

I'm proposing that Netflix think outside the box and create something a little bit stranger. Specifically, my idea involves a group of children in 1980s suburbia who face off against a supernatural force.

The kids will ride bicycles, go on adventures, shine flashlights and deal with sci-fi thrills and chills, all while learning about themselves along the way. The series will reference the visual works of Steven Spielberg — think E.T., Flight of the Navigator, etc. — complete with vintage '80s homes and nods to the music, TV and films of that forgotten era.

Other references for the show could include the coming of age stories of Stephen King, the camaraderie of films like The Goonies and the synthesizer soundtracks and fun horror films of John Carpenter. Think of it like a "Remember the 1980s" Buzzfeed article but as a prestige TV series. Further, the title for the show (not sure what to call it yet) could be stylized with unique typography that could later be embraced by social media users.

This is an unprecedented idea, and I do not seek any credit. All I ask is that Netflix give this unique concept a try.