Charlie Hunnam should play Johnny Blaze in a future Ghost Rider's Netflix show

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There are so many reasons why Charlie Hunnam should be the next Ghost Rider.

First of all, he's a great, GREAT actor, who managed to make (probably as much as the entire cast aswell) Sons Of Anarchy an absolute masterpiece. He's performance is incredible, since the first episode to the amazing ending. Plus he's so good playing a biker.

Second of all, he has the dedication. It's really hard for an actor to work in a tv show, and he managed to act as the main character in seven beautiful seasons.

Last but not least, he's pretty similar to the original Johnny Blaze, on ghost's rider's comic books. I would LOVE to see someone like him playing as one of the most controversial and badass heroes in the marvel universe.

Please Netflix make this sh*t happen!