Cast Katie McGrath as Jadis in Netflix's Narnia franchise!

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Hello! It has come to my attention that Netflix is developing a new adaptation of the Chronicles of Narnia series, with rights to all seven books. I think that's wonderful. While the company is no doubt in the very early stages of development, I thought it would be a good, fun idea to plant a seed for whenever it's time to start casting.

Jadis is the main villain of the series She is a beautiful, powerful woman who influences those around her with her charisma and strong presence. It's a delicious role that has been played wonderfully by Tilda Swinton and Barbara Kellerman. Netflix, I have thought of the perfect woman to play the role for your version, and her name is Katie McGrath.

Katie McGrath has played Morgana le Fay in the wonderful series Merlin, and also played a lead role in the first season of Slasher. You can also see her in Supergirl, Dracula, Jurassic World, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. She has a natural charisma, stunning good looks, and the perfect acting chops to play the White Witch.

One only needs to watch the entirety of Merlin to see how beautifully she can play someone who slowly becomes an evil tyrant, while still remaining extremely likable to the audience. While casting may be some time away, I highly recommend the creative folks at Netflix at least consider her for this role when the time comes. I believe she would be absolutely perfect.