Cast Christina Ricci In Netflix’s Wednesday

Cast Christina Ricci In Netflix’s Wednesday

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Joseph Wahler started this petition to Netflix

If Lisa Loring can play the adult version of Wednesday Adams in the 1977 Halloween special of the TV series that Addams Family, why can’t Christina Ricci? If Soliel Moon Frye at the age of 40 can play Punky Brewster, why can’t Christina Ricci play the role of Wednesday Addams?

What we’re asking for

We are asking to create a petition to allow Christina Ricci to play the role of Wednesday Addams at her age. There are so many other actors and actresses that play roles that are set to be much older than them, it’s more common than not these days. Some actors and actresses have a certain look to them that looks like a specific character or portrayal of a real-life person. Why is it a big deal what that actor or actress’s age is in real life if they can look and play the part?

We want to create a petition asking Netflix and Tim Burton to cast Christina Ricci as a 40-year-old Wednesday Addams for Netflix’s new series “Wednesday” directed by Tim Burton. We would like to see them cast someone who is older and has more experience in the movie industry, rather than casting a teenager for the part.


Why we’re asking for it

The reason we want this petition created is that we feel that Christina Ricci could play the part perfectly. She is a great actress who can really focus on and get the true feel of the character and play her well. Since Ricci is known for playing characters with a dark edge to them, we feel she would be the perfect person for this role – no matter what her age is!

​This type of casting has been done before, and it can be done again. Examples include Lisa Loring playing Wednesday Addams in the 1977 Halloween Special episode of the Addams Family, as well as Soliel Moon Frye playing Punky Brewster at an older age. If movie producers could make exceptions for these actresses, why can’t they do the same for Christina Ricci?

Back Story

​Christina Ricci played the part of Wednesday Addams when she was just 11 years old. She was one of the most iconic Wednesday Addams actresses ever, and most people’s favorite actress to play her. She got into the role and did a great job in it.

​Now at 41, we think Christina Ricci would play an amazing version of the grown-up version of Wednesday Addams – which is why we want this petition created. We believe she should be allowed to play this role, seeing as she is one of the most famous actresses to play Wednesday Addams. Since she is already familiar with the character and her behaviors, why wouldn’t they choose her?! We just don’t understand!

Okay, here’s what we really want…

​What we really want is Netflix and movie producer Tim Burton to do is make this show a sequel to the original TV series and bring back all the original actors and actresses from the original show. Who doesn’t love a reunion TV show with all its original cast members?!

​People who love and are loyal to shows such as the Addams Family would love nothing more than to have the original cast back and have each of them play the older version to their original characters. We know we would! And along with many viewers, Christina Ricci was our favorite Wednesday Addams.

​In addition to this, we want to see Netflix and Tim Burton find and cast an actor that can play the grown-up version of everyone’s favorite Addams Family character, mustached baby Pubert Addams. Baby Pubert Addams was known for being the one and only baby with a mustache. And how cool would it be to have someone play the grown up version of him?! Since baby Pubert took over the household after the father Gomez Addams’s passing, he should be included in the grown-up version of the show!

​By creating this petition with, I want to push it out on social media and the internet to get Addams Family fans to join the movement! This is something that is super important to a lot of Addams and Ricci fans, not just me. How can you create a TV series that takes place years after the original, but not have the original characters?! It doesn’t work that way!


Join us in pushing this petition!

There are so many actors who have done exactly what we are pushing Christina Ricci to be able to do when it comes to her popular character Wednesday Addams. Getting her to play this role would be great for her and her fans, as well as people who love the Addams Family show, especially the show with Ricci in it. We can’t comprehend how the show would work without her, and we don’t even want to see them try. This is why we teamed up with to create this petition to bring to Netflix and Tim Burton’s attention that they need Ricci in it!

We are asking you to join us in pushing this petition with us and in hopes they will get it in front of Netflix and movie producer Tim Burton. As super fans, we have to push for what we want and believe in and this is something we feel is super important! If you loved Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, and want to see her in Netflix and Tim Burton’s new “Addams Family” show airing on Netflix, you can help out by signing out the petition created with, and urge your friends and family to sign it too!

If you’re a fan of any of The Addams Family, Wednesday Addams, or Christina Ricci, you need to make your voice heard! Sign the petition today! Also, make sure to share and pass along this petition. We want as many people to see it as possible! Let’s all come together and make this change happen for all the Christina Ricci fans out there!



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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!