Cancel Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why”

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TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of rape, suicide, self harm & drugs

thirteen reason why came out last year. the tv series is on netflix is based on a book which i’ve heard wasnt too bad. its based on a girl called hannah baker who commits suicide after being bullied and sexually abused. she then left behind tapes as to why she destroyed myself.

the tv show is atrocious. stereotyping, glorifying suicide, romanticising it...the show claims to want to spread awarness about it and help. but i and many other people disagree.

season 1 was bad enough. two rape scenes and a graphic suicide scene. the show made hannahs death look like revenge. when season 2 was released i was disgusted. in the last episode, tyler down was sexually abused with a mop. a mop. he was also brutally assaulted. these scenes are not neccesary to show on tv. they’re triggering and wrong! there are many mentions of rape, suicide…but no trigger warnings. it stereotyped athletes as rapists too.

hannah baker had no mental health issues as mentioned and the adults in the show were oblivious. the series portrays that suicide is the best option. even the website isn’t all good. it just has phone numbers. 

im even more shocked by selena gomez! she had a kidney transplant and won ‘women of the year’ and is the executive producer for 13 reasons why. she’s known to be an amazing and inspiring women. but the fact that she was okay with all this happening? appalling. she may have had a good intention who knows. but based on feedback there has been more disliking towards it.

people have taken ther lives, remembered infortunate events…this is help this is spreading awarness? i urge you from the bottom of my heart to sign this petition and help get the show removed. its horrific and cannot be shown any longer. imagine how many people have seen it? young children even? it cannot stay. 


thank you