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Cancel Season 2 of "Thirteen Reasons Why"

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Dear Netflix, 

The book "Thirteen Reasons Why" was titled as such because there were thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. The first season of your adaptation gives the thirteen reasons with dubious and dangerous presentation that twist Jay Asher's nuanced and thoughtful novel into something that glamorizes suicide and presents it as a revenge fantasy that will harm those who currently harm others. 

Now you want more reasons. Now you want a second season. 

If you had retained the novel’s purpose, tone, and original story, a second season would be unnecessary. This is intentional: for the person who commits it, suicide has no sequel. It is an end. To capitalize on the continuation of it is grotesque and insensitive to those who struggle with suicidal tendencies or the result of a suicide in real life. 

A second season is “necessary” because you changed the story to make it so. Please revoke your decision to continue the story. To continue Thirteen Reasons Why at this point can no longer remain under the guise of guiding teenagers away from depression and suicide. To continue it is to provide entertainment, entertainment of a kind that should not be consumed by anyone, much less impressionable teenagers. 

You are hopefully aware of the negative responses the first season garnered. Apparently these were not enough to deter you from continuing the show, even though the show, while ostensibly guiding teens away from suicide as an option, has instead presented it as a rather attractive option. 

The book ended when Clay passed the tapes on. There was no lawsuit, no second suicide attempt, no school shooting. When someone commits suicide, that is the end of their story. Please let your adaptation reflect this. Please cancel the second season. Your intentions are probably honorable, but your actions are proving dangerous. A second season will only continue to paint Hannah’s actions and their consequences as glamorous entertainment and something to be imitated instead of a dangerous condition.

 Please let the story end. Please cancel the second season. 

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