Cancel Netflix's soon released show: Canine Intervention - due to inhumane animal training

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We have spent over a decade fighting against the popularization of inhumane training toward animals on television. This type of commercialization for the sake of entertainment is barbaric and does not serve the general population and our most adoring companion animals. 

The show Canine Intervention announced to be released on Netflix starting February 24th stars an animal trainer that demonstrates the use of choke collars, prong collars and electric shock collars on several social media platforms. We don't need another Cesar-like trainer on tv showing inhumane training techniques to animal owners.

Here is a link to the position statements of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour:
From AVSAB position statement on the popularized Cesar 911 show:

"Punishment-based training methods may be advocated by those without an appreciation of the current status of science in dog training. Although such methods can be effective in the short term, science tells us they are likely to exacerbate an animal’s fear and actually increase aggression in the long run. When the problem behavior involves a negative reaction to another animal, attempting to elicit the bad behavior so it can be “corrected” is not only ineffective, it puts the target animal at risk of injury. Such training methods are unacceptable."

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