Cancel Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

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The second series of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” dropped May 19th, and it looks as though Netflix will plan to make more seasons. The show runners have maintained that they have continued to make the show because they want to raise awareness of mental health issues, suicide, rape and many other topics.

However, since the very first series, the show has been problematic and done more harm than good. The show runners ignored the advice of all mental health experts and showed a girl committing suicide on screen in a graphic and gory scene that served no purpose other than to appear “edgy” and shock the audience. In the latest series, they showed four boys anally raping another teenage boy with the handle of a mop in a vile bloody scene.

The fact that there’s a second series proves that Selena Gomez and the other people working on the show are not interested in raising awareness or helping people with mental illnesses or who are victims of sexual assault/rape - they’re cashing in on exploiting mental illness and suicide.

Most of the people who watch the show are young teenagers. This cannot continue. The show has increased suicides rather than preventing them, has made those suffering from mental illnesses (such as myself) feel worse.

There are ways to raise awareness and get a conversation going that are far better and healthier than this show.