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Cancel your production of Adam Sandler's racist movie, "The Ridiculous Six."

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Adam Sandler and Netflix are in the middle of producing a movie called The Ridiculous Six that contains offensive material with regard to Indigenous people. Native American characters speak throughout the script in broken English, and women are given demeaning, stereotypical names like "Beaver’s Breath" and "No Bra." In one scene in particular, Sandler has an actress portraying an Apache woman squatting and peeing while smoking a peace pipe. In another, Sandler has a group of white men pour liquor on an unconscious Native woman who wakes up and starts dancing.

After an attempt at a conversation with the producers about the content of the film script, a group of Native actors and actresses walked off the set when they found out what the script contained. Netflix recently issued a statement that implies that they don't think there is anything wrong with the material and that those who walked were being oversensitive.

As an Oglala Lakota Woman who is proud of my tribal nation and identity, I was upset when I learned that Netflix had decided not only to show this film, but to produce it.

Netflix should not be supporting a movie that promotes cultural stereotypes about Native American identity. In no way is this film a reflection of who we are as proud sovereign nations, and it perpetuates a negative representation of our Indigenous communities. Tell Netflix to halt production of Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six immediately.

Netflix has responded to public pressure before. Just last week, they promised to make their shows more accessible to the blind after another petition asking for that started to take off. This time, let’s change their mind about producing this derogatory film.

Netflix subscription dollars shouldn’t be used to produce racist movies. Sign this petition and call on Netflix to terminate production of this film immediately.

Show your support by tagging #NotYourHollywoodIndian & #WalkOffNetflix in solidarity with these amazing actors and actresses.

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