Cancel "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix

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13 Reasons Why is a TV show currently on Netflix. It has received major backlash from people with mental illness and their families/friends as well as mental health professionals for showing too graphic scenes involving things like rape, suicide and sexual assault. While all of these things unfortunately happen to many people in real life, the show portrays it irresponsibly, not only romanticizing suicide as a solution but showing very graphic scenes (especially in Season 2). While the show does provide (vague) warnings at the beginning of some episodes, it is completely unacceptable that a TV show with teenagers and young adults as target audience to show such graphic scenes.

The trigger warnings are not enough as young people are highly impressionable and there are many of us that are seriously concerned about the negative effects this show will have on people. The argument that the show "spreads awareness about mental health issues" is hollow and frankly untrue as the show goes on to show extremely graphic content without reason and is solely doing it for "shock value".

If Netflix at all cares for mental health issues among mainly teenagers and young adults, it will cancel or drastically change this show. Episodes like this should not be permitted to air.

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