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Bringing Back Bob's Burgers and Avatar the Last Airbender to Netflix

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There was a time before "Netflix and Chill," when Netflix's library contained nostalgic cartoons, LifeTime thrillers, and the best sitcoms. While the library selection has become vast, there is still a void that keeps Netflix from being "great again." This petition is not just for the re-addition of these shows, it is to bring back their meaning to its viewers. Personally, my family gathers in the living room once a week to re-watch old Bob's Burgers episode and share a brief moment of pure happiness and laughter. Now, there is now a void in that time slot because of its removal. As for the Last Airbender, I grew up watching this show, it made me believe that I could do anything because of the strong female characters. It taught me the importance of perseverance, kindness, and redemption.  In a world where women's equality is just becoming an issue, positive female role models are critical in young women's development. The Kyoshi warriors, an all female warrior group, taught me that I could fight my own battles and kick some butt. I want young men and women to get the opportunity to get experience the avatar, the fire nation, and the love between Aang and Katara as I was granted as an adolescence. By removing this show Netflix has not only lost nostalgic views but has prevented future generations of adolescence from enjoying a classic nickelodeon cartoon.  

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