Bring the Tough Love webseries to Netflix

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Dearest Netflix,

We, The Millennial Delegation, humbly beseech thee to welcome Tough Love as the newest addition to the Netflix family.  As we whimpered and cried over the unannounced series finale tonight, the general consensus was that we’d love to see our fave series on our fave network.  Could someone else carry this show?  Absolutely!  However, it’s you we love.  Allow us to play business matchmaker, oh Great and Powerful ‘Flix.  Embrace our love as we embrace you.

We The Delegation also recognize that the business of creativity and development belongs to the professionals.  We trust you and the brilliant minds of Tough Love to move forward in the best ways possible (I mean, come on, they’ve already “ended” the series with a cliffhanger.  It’s wide open!  Wide open, we tell ya!).  Please be advised, however, that this is a clear request for new episodes!  We will even wait patiently should you decide to rerelease the existing episodes in an effort to introduce this phenomenal series to countless others, as yours is a platform for all people.  However, please be advised that at minimum, we The Delegation (along with dignified friends and allies) request a fourth season of our beloved Tough Love.

Please hear our cry, oh Red One. 

And to you, my fellow Delegates, friends and distinguished allies, please sign this petition.  Free epsiodes are currently on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Humbly Yours,

The people who will choose you over pizza when we’re down to pennies

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