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Bring Sense8 Back

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Sense8 teaches diversity, is the engine of evolution. It teaches that everyone can be brave. It teaches the meaning of humanity. And cancel it. They cancel one of the series with greater diversity of the present time.

They cancel Nomi and her fight against the system.

They cancel Capheus and his firm belief that a better world is possible and that one should be brave to see the positive side of life.

They cancel Sun and her strength, her to stand firm in a world that wants to sink her, without losing her heart of gold.

They cancel Kala and her kindness and innocence, her intelligence and her firm belief that women do not need them to do things for them.

They cancel Lito and his courage and all the love he has for giving and yes, also his drama, because it is okay to be a bit dramatic.

They cancel Will and his to good and protect those he love.

They cancel Riley and his example that despite how deep in a hole, you can leave and you can see the light again.

They cancel Wolfgang and his meaning of the family, the one that does not share blood, and his motto that we must continue fighting.

And it is that sincerely I do not want to feel indignant because the only thing I feel is a huge sadness.

We just want relate your feelings and know we all can go forward with the struggles just like on the show.

Bring it back!!

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