Boycott karan johar. Boycott nepotism #weneedjusticeforSSR

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We the people want to collectively raise our voice against the practice of nepotism in the Indian cinema (“Bollywood”), which has increasingly become a brutal reality. Bollywood is not an oligarchy (ruled by the few) but is a democracy. In this petition, we ask popular streaming companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hot star to immediately stop promoting movies generated by the above mentioned media houses. These are not movies, these are platforms to launch children of famous movie stars. These are not movies, there is evidence that nepotism is running rampant in the industry. 


In February 2020, a credible source shared that the “the mafia” has decided to boycott the young actor Sushant Sigh Rajput. He mentioned that given this new reality for the brilliant actor, he will have to go back to TV to make a living.

The environment created by the owners of these companies and their allies has isolated young talented actors, robbed them of opportunities and significantly compromised their DREAMS. We have strong reason to believe that this possibly led one very special actor to take his life this Sunday June 14, 2020. His name was Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR). We CANNOT let this happen again. We must Stop the Bullying and Support Struggling Actors.
As a physics Olympiad winner and an engineering school topper, Sushant Singh Rajput was a brilliant student. He was also a brilliant actor. Rooted in humble beginnings, he lost his mother at the age of 16. He was passionate about acting and left school to become an actor and starting from scratch as a background dancer. At the age of 34 his dream of acting in this industry came to an untimely and tragic end. Watch any interview, you will see that he was a sweet, sensitive soul. He so wanted to be part of bollywood. 


Karan ,YRF,  Bhansali and some more are all part of an Elite gang. You can’t survive in Bollywood without their blessings. It is such a shame that India’s top movie industry which makes the  second highest number of movies in the world is controlled by half a dozen nepotists. Shouldn’t Bollywood be a melting pot, where anyone with talent, skill, hard work, dedication can succeed like in any other form of business?
No! You need to belong to particular clan, religion, have certain surnames and only then you will be let inside. Or else you are always be an outsider

Sushant Singh was virtually trolled, ragged and bullied. He was an intelligent, intellectual and well read man unlike these school dropouts like KJo, Aalia, Kapoor family kids

TALENT MATTERS not SURNAMES. We know that Sushant was so desperate to please “THE group” that he dropped his surname “Rajput” and faced the ire of nationalists.

 Giving SMALLER ROLE TO BIG TALENT is unfair. One director recently made a pathetic movie, which was released on Netflix with Sushant and virtually destroyed his career. While Sushant’s last movie CHICHOREE was a super hit, no other movie was offered to him. He was being oriented by THE gang to exit/sidelined. 

A Smear Campaign was Launched.  Rumors spread quickly with help of gossip writers that he is unfit, short tempered, arrogant and difficult to work with. None of it was true. All of it to sideline, isolated and silence him. He was also no longer invited to their parties. He was being set to fail.

I still remember him begging his fans on Instagram to watch his movie SONCHARIYA saying “I have no Godfather in Bollywood and I will be out of job if you don’t watch my movie.” Thank you Sushant for your honesty.

In his final hours, imagine how hard it might have been for him. He was a phenomenal actor, he was self-made and came from very humble beginnings. He could see that the exit path was being created for him as they got ready to discard him. He was not a priority for anyone. The children of actors from the previous generation are of the top priority. The star children are now orienting their children to launch their careers. We will make Sushant a priority and Continue to support Kangana Ranaut in this Fight for Justice.