Ban the new Netflix documentary "Don't f*ck with cats"

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Many innocent animals are at a risk of being tortured and killed post the release of the documentary "Don't f*ck with cats" by Netflix. 

I am 28 years old and highly active on social media.
1. I did not know people killed and tortured animals on video
2. I did not know that it was difficult to find the person doing this
3. I did not know doing this gained them worldwide attention
4. I did not know that even with so many people, animal rights activists and companies reporting this person and his acts to authorities, nothing was done about it till he killed a human being 

My concern is: more people like Luka Magnotta will get the courage to do this cowardly act after watching this documentary. 

This is more of a concern than arguably similar movies on serial killers because killing and torturing animals has a much lower entry threshold than killing humans. 

Media houses like Netflix can steer the world in any direction. It does not take an animal lover to see the imminent threat this is to animals. We need Netflix to take this documentary DOWN or put some content guidelines around how the story is told so people don't get influenced by it.