Arrested Development Season 6

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  Arrested Development became a cult classic after its cancellation. After a decade, Netflix picked up the show and released a season four. Years later, they released a season five. To the dismay of fans, these seasons did not live up to the first three. 
  Mitchell Hurwitz and the writers of Arrested Development were not given a fair chance with season four, as cast members were busy with other projects. So, they attempted a more character driven story, and dedicated an episode to each. Unfortunately, this took away from the family dynamic and interaction that made Arrested Development such a good show to begin with. Season five of the show tried to hard to imitate the first three, and ended up lacking a sense of purpose and originality. 

  I believe a season six of Arrested Development (provided a solid, funny, and original script is written), can do the show justice and end it correctly. There is enough of a fanbase for this to be successful. If the show can regain the magic it always packed, it can be taken to new heights. Getting the actors together at the same time and getting a good script can take a long time, and that is fine. We can wait. After all, there’s always money in the banana stand.