Netflix: Please pick up Hannibal for the future seasons

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Hannibal has been a critically acclaimed, fan favorite show, with beautifully crafted visuals and dialogues thoroughly enjoyed by the global community, it has been four years since the show was cancelled by the NBC.

The show has continued to be watched by people around the world who weren't even watching when the series was airing, giving it a cult status. The show can perform really well in a streaming platform, as it can appeal to a larger global audience, the cast and the crew are still dedicated to bringing "Hannibal" back to the screens. The show's popularity is only going to increase with years to come. Bryan Fuller has stated he just needs someone to pick and they haven't given up on the show even now.

Please, sign this petition, and share it with as many people as possible, and make Netflix pick it up and give it a new home.