Southern Netball Wairarapa to change game days for primary schools

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Southern Netball Wairarapa has changed game days for primary schools from a Saturday to a Monday at 4.30 for year 3 &4 and Tuesday 4.30 to 5.30pm for year 7&8 and moved it to Masterton.

This has meant that there are no longer primary school teams in the southern part of the wairarapa for netball for primary school kids as coaches, managers, players etc cannot attend games on a Monday or a Tuesday after school due to parents working, small children and other family commitments. Not to mention the huge loss of coaches, managers, umpires and so much more. This will change the future of netball for our kids in years to come especially if they lose interest because they cannot play anymore.

Complaints have been made and gone to the top with no change.

Move the game days back to Saturdays so that all our children in primary school can play their loved Saturday sport again.