Boys should be allowed to play college netball.

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2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. COVID-19 hit, sports seasons were cut short and spectators at one point were not allowed.

2020 for our family has also been a year of firsts. This year our 12 year old son, whom has played rugby since he was old enough, including his primary school and intermediates 1st XV, decided he wanted to change things up a little and he trialled for his school's netball teams. To our (and his) surprise he was actually really good. Securing himself a spot in the schools Year 8A team.

He went from strength to strength throughout the season after a rough start with a broken wrist and ended up being selected for the regions Year 8 PDP squad.

Along his netball journey the one thing in the way from a perfect season was the continuous praise about his skills followed by the same statement/ reminder. "Its such a shame boys can't play in college".

Today was his teams final game and the disappointment and sadness has officially kicked in. Today he said to me that he wished he could play next year. Even if he was put in the lowest team by default, he would be happy if it meant that he could be part of a school netball team.

Why can we not have a grade in college netball that includes boys, if not all grades. Netball is one of the only, if not the only sports in college where boys are excluded. I understand there are mens leagues and indoor netball is an option but there is nothing like being part of a school netball team like my Son was this year.

What about 1 boy being allowed on the court at a time? Slow and steady. It isn't an issue at intermediate so why is college so different? I understand that parents fight for there kids every year as a Father I spoke to today said his Mother did for him when he wanted to play. I also spoke to the vice principal of his up and coming college that said they have always wanted to include boys but needed the go ahead from Netball New Zealand. 

You have so many amazing boys out there that just want to be a part of their college netball teams, some that have played since they were old enough to. 2020 has been an interesting year. 2021 is a time for change. Please Netball New Zealand. Please consider making a small change to an amazing sport. Everyone deserves to be included.

Please sign this petition and help make a change for young men that want to do what they love.