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This petition is for Nestle to sign onto the United Nations Global Compact, which is a company that helps promote awareness of human rights for business, as well as giving businesses practical solutions, knowledge, and the tools in which to do so.

    Nestle is a global company that has been around since 1866.  Nestle brands range from baby foods, water, chocolate, dairy, etc… Nestle receives their chocolate from cocoa farms primarily in Ivory Coast, which is located in West Africa.  A 43% Majority of the Ivory Coast cocoa farmers uses child slave labor to be able to make a profit.  Child slave labor has been going on for years and over 600,000 children have been working on cocoa farms, out of 2 million cocoa farmers.  While President Clinton was in office, he put together an international task force called the  “Fair Labor Association” in effort to stop child slave labor. Due to a recent civil war in West Africa, the plan has been stalled in Ivory Coast.  There are no current local laws that prohibit children from working in fair and safe conditions.  Having children forced to work in horrible and treacherous conditions prevents them from being able to receive any education, which increases poverty in these countries. I believe that fair trade and human rights is what any large company or corporation should go by.


Letter to
Nestle Company
To: Nestle Company
CEO Robert Leonidas

Please take my petition into serious consideration in order to help stop the continuum of child slave labor in West Africa, where you get your cocoa. Not only does it look bad for your company, it basically promotes child slave labor as well. There are over 600,000 child slaves working to meet the First World’s supply demand for cheap chocolate. They are abused and forced to work in hazardous conditions. Many of these children range from 9-12 and are using dangerous machetes as a tool to crack the cocoa plant to get the cocoa beans on the inside. They are deprived of the right to live an everyday life as a child, and they will never receive an education. The UN Global Compact is a resource to help businesses promote human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. This is a way to not only help your company, but to help these West African children as well.

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