Stop Nestlé Using Palm Oil

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Deforestation is fuelling the biggest problem our planet faces - climate change. Climate change is our biggest threat. If we don’t do something now, our planet’s temperature will rise by 1.5 degrees just by 2030, while our global ice caps continue to melt and the Greenland ice sheet will be gone. We’re all heading for a mass extinction if we don’t at least try to do something. What we are doing to our natural world is hideous and selfish. We need to do something now to stop our planet from completely dying.

One of the ways we are killing our planet is deforestation. It’s a very big issue as it also endangers many animal species including the orangutans. We are destroying their homes mainly for palm oil plantations. Palm oil plantations so that WE get to put products in our hair and WE get to eat chocolate bars. But what about the poor orangutan that is left at the top of a bare single standing tree, now destined to die as we destroy his world around him. People don’t understand just what they’re doing by buying these products. But there are ways to help this;

Many big companies like L’Oreal, Colgate, Heinz and Néstle all use palm oil in their products. Today, this petition is for Néstle. If you sign this petition, it will be one step ahead to getting them to not use palm oil. Imagine how many trees and orangutans it would save. Lots and lots. It may not seem like you’re doing much but we all have to start somewhere to help our world and that’s why every little thing counts.