Stop Nestlé from cutting ties with Fairtrade foundation for Kit Kat products

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With recent news that Kit Kats will no longer be fairtrade but registered under the Rainforest alliance it has led to worries about the welfare of the farmers. Nestle is not know as a supporter of human rights so it seems unlikely that this move away from Fairtrade is to help workers or the environment. Only in 2015, Nestlé still had under 15s working on their cocoa farms along the Ivory coast, so how likely is it that without Fairtrade standards for their Kit Kats that child labour could come back? Fairtrade is essential for farmers as it provides them will better lives through higher wages, working conditions as well as helping the environment. The Rainforest alliance does NOT provide a stable wage for farmers, in fact they don't even have a minimum price to protect farmers! Meanwhile Fairtrade protects farmers with higher, fixed wages. If we do not protect our farmers then they are at risk of having their human rights infringed, just so Nestle can have bigger profits. We should be moving towards better human rights for farmers across the globe, but if global giants stop being fairtrade then we are getting further away from equality and respect which companies like Nestle currently lack.