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Nestlé: Help put an end to child slavery by producing fair trade chocolate

In the countries where the cocoa is produced that Nestlé is supplied with, such as Cote d'Ivoire and Mali, there is child labor and child trafficking. Children are taken from their families and forced to work on cocoa plantations for often no pay at all. There are companies that produce fair trade chocolate, but they do not compete with popular companies such as Nestlé. If Nestlé were able to ensure their chocolate is fair trade, they would be able to compete with other top chocolate producers, and eventually encourage them to follow the movement toward fair trade. Everyone that signs this petition is pledging that they will support Nestlé in their move to fair trade.

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Investor Relations Roddy Child-Villiers, Luca Borlini, Ian Metcalfe, Rosanna Blanchard, Caroline Muller, Peter Warne
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Robin Tickle, Chris Hogg, Melanie Kohli, Meike Schmidt, Philippe Aeschlimann
Head of Research & Development Communications Hilary Green
Head of Corporate Communications Daniel Weston
Head of Communications Tim Wolfe
Last night, I attended a conference at Ohio University called the Dark Side of Chocolate. There, I learned that many of the big-name chocolate producers get their cocoa from countries that use child slavery, and often child trafficking to offer the lowest possible prices. If Nestlé could ensure that their chocolate is fair trade by monitoring exactly where the cocoa comes from, the people of West Africa would no longer be pressured to exploit children in order to compete with the people using child slavery on their plantations. Once Nestlé brought this problem to the attention of the chocolate consumers as well as what they have done to fix it, other companies would start being pressured to be fair trade as well. Everyone that signs this petition is declaring that they would support Nestlé in becoming fair trade.