Ban plastic water bottles in Canada

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Water bottles are terrible for the environment, for people, for animals, and especially the Earth. it is damaging to the ecosystem and the economy. Three major problems water bottles produce is pollution in our oceans and lakes, water bottle companies strip water from our lakes for close to nothing, and most plastic isn’t biodegradable. 

Water bottles are a problem for our ecosystems especially in the oceans and lakes. 1 in 3 species all over the world have been found entangled in plastic, 90% of all seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. These facts prove that plastic ruins animals lifestyles way more than it effects humans. Plastic water bottles result in the deaths and injuries of many different animals in the environment. 

A 24 pack of nestlé water bottles cost $4.47 at Walmart, this means you are paying $4.47 for 12 litres of water. That doesn’t seem like a bad price? The government of Ontario sells water for $503.71 per 1 MILLION litres of water. If you do the math water bottle companies make around $372,000 every 1 million litres of water. The government of Ontario practically gives away water which is one of the most valuable resources it owns. If water bottles are banned than Ontario wouldn’t be able to give away resources and we’d keep our valuable fresh water. 

Most plastic water bottles are not biodegradable and takes approximately 450 years to decompose. If we keep using useless plastic like water bottles Earth will be long inhabitable by the time water bottles decompose. Plastic water bottles account for 14% of all litter, which doesn’t include the caps or labels. That means that 14% of all litter could be avoided by using a glass of tap water or a reusable water bottle.

Water bottles are a nuisance to the ecosystem and economy, I believe the people who buy water bottles don’t realize the impact it has on the environment or don’t care enough to stop buying them. They are a waste of money to the people buying them as tap water is free and it truely hurts animals more than humans realize. If we ban plastic water bottles now it could and will lead to more plastic reductions which is very much needed in Canada.