Demand the NJDEP Deny the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project ("NESE Project")!

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Act NOW to help stop the massive fossil fuel expansion project called the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project ("NESE Project").

Please Note: Citizens must comment again, even if they did in the past on this project.

The NESE Project is an unnecessary and environmentally destructive proposal by Williams and its subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company ("Transco") to bring dirty fracked methane gas from Pennsylvania through New Jersey to New York City. The project would require the construction of a massive new compressor station in Franklin Township, New Jersey, and a 23.4-mile offshore pipeline that would rip through the Raritan Bay, Lower New York Bay, and ocean.

This is the fourth time that Williams-Transco is seeking approval for this dirty, fossil fuel, climate-changing project. The ecological and public health consequences will be devastating and will continue for 50 years or more.

                                     Why is NESE a Bad Idea?

  • A Climate Nightmare – NESE would extend the region's dependence on fossil fuel for decades, thereby contributing to the worsening of the climate crisis. If approved the project would have the carbon footprint equivalent of putting 1,639,945 new cars on the road every year!
  • Destruction of Raritan Bay, Lower New York Bay, and Ocean – Construction of this pipeline would rip through the heart of these waterways, dredging a 23.4-mile trench, destroying the seabed and marine habitat. Nearly 1 million cubic yards of muck containing unsafe levels of toxic substances like arsenic, PCBs, and dioxin would be stirred up from the seabed. Constructing NESE will reintroduce buried toxins into the food chain
  • Degraded Air Quality, Harming Public Health – A crucial component of NESE is the construction of Compressor Station 206, a massive gas-fired compressor station that will emit harmful air pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, and others. Many of these pollutants have significant impacts on human health. Exposure to these pollutants can increase the risk of respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and developmental diseases. The compressor station will significantly impact communities in Somerset and Mercer counties. The impact on air quality will also affect Middlesex and Monmouth Counties which already suffer from impaired and air quality. The region has continuously been graded an “F” by the American Lung Association. NESE will only make it worse. 
  • Harm to Marine Life – In addition to churning up toxins into the water, the unrelenting construction, with its noise and water turbidity, will harm marine life, including critically endangered species that use these waterways such as whales and sea turtles.
  • Unsafe Bad Actors – Williams and Transco have poor safety records. Over the past decade, Williams and Transco pipelines and pumping stations have experienced over ten explosions or fires. Many of these incidents resulted in human fatality and injury, the release of methane into our atmosphere, or contamination of groundwater resources. A leak or rupture of this pipeline would threaten shore communities, both human and non-human.
  • A Costly Mistake – At an estimated cost of just under a billion dollars, this project is a massive overbuild for any foreseeable gas demand. It is both unnecessary and expensive.
  • Unneeded and Unwanted – Williams/Transco has failed to justify the claim that the project is needed. In fact, reports [False Demand: The Case Against the Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline and Energy Future Groups Report] show the project is not needed. The project also faces widespread opposition from the public in both New York and New Jersey.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is currently reviewing the latest application.

Help put an end to this reckless, unnecessary and environmentally destructive project once and for all by telling the NJDEP to protect public health, the environment, and the climate for the next fifty years or more by denying NESE.

In signing this petition, I demand the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection:

  1. Extend the public comment period by 30 days to allow for more engagement on this project; and
  2. Follow the law and science which affirms that this project must be denied; and
  3. Deny all permits for the project using the full extent of its regulatory authority; and
  4. Deny all permits, with prejudice, thereby ending Williams/Transco's repeated efforts to approve this project despite the widespread harm to the environment and public health it will create.