Fire Michael Smurro

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On Saturday April 24, Mr. Michael Smurro, Vice Principal of Neptune NJ Middle School, was caught on video tossing a cup of beer onto fellow diners at Fred and Ethel's in Absecon. He did so, seemingly, because he was angry that his wife was being filmed while she was loudly complaining about having had to share a bathroom with a transgender woman. Mrs. Smurro was arguing with diners around her and making hateful, transphobic and homophobic remarks. She repeatedly insisted, "She's a man! She's a man!" Smurro remained quiet until he finally decided to walk briskly up to the table where the filming was taking place and throw a full cup of beer onto the diners there. He then backed away making remarks such as, "You can come out now." It seemed he was trying to instigate a fight.

A violent, transphobic and hateful physical aggressor does not belong anywhere near NJ children. We demand that he be removed from his position IMMEDIATELY, without pay, until a full investigation of this situation is complete.