Neptune BOE outsourcing our current security guards

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You may have or have not heard that our board of education is planning to outsource our security and hire from a company. The seven school safety officers that are present in your kids public high school do a grand job at not only protecting us, but being outlets for conflicts, advice givers, helping hands and giving us a good laugh when needed. Students from grades 9-12 constantly interact with the guards whether it’s a simple good morning, or have a good weekend. These seven individuals have impacted the students of Neptune High Schools lives, it would be unfair to the students to lose these guards. They push us academically and athletically by showing a large amount of support.  The students would then feel a sense of anxiousness walking into school every morning at 7:10, feeling that these outside guards can’t protect us the way Mr. Bean, Mr. Poland, Mr. White, Mr. Morris, Mr. Duffy, Mr. Allen and Mr. F protect us. These are the guys we trust to keep us safe. Please help bring this to the Board of Educations attention by signing this petition. Thank you.