Have emergency meeting with NRN Board members to discuss AGM and financial report of 2017

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1)      Financial report of NRN Canada 2017 showed that expenses are higher than revenue. In any organization, it aims for higher profit and less expenses and with this organization, its opposite. For context: NRN Canada is an organization that collects money from Nepali people and hosts Nepali events to save culture while in Canada.

2)      The report doesn't look authentic at all. As such, all general members are requesting to conduct third party financial audit for last 3 years.

3)      Financial report 2017 had no name of CPA and it was shown that it was approved by board members. The report doesn't follow financial report guideline.

4)      Revenue from Dhurmus Suntali Saanjh program is mentioned as $20,780 and expenses $20,650. Explanation of this is required.

5)      Revenue from Annual General Meeting is $6,130 and expenses is shown as $14,424.Explanation of this is required.

6)      NCC Members Election fee for 2017 if $2,581 and Election Expense is$1,912

7)      Revenue from 5K Walk Program is $510 while as expenses is $1,415

8)      Most critical: Annual General Meeting (AGM) is happening at Thunder Bay, ON where there are maximum 3 family household. Most general members are in Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Members will have a hard time traveling to AGM. It seems as if only Board Members wanted to have a meeting at Thunder Bay. It's highly advised to have this meeting in area with more members either in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, or Calgary.

9)      Members representative are not called for any internal  meetings and this has to be taken care of moving forward.