Stop Injust Fast Track Construction in Bungamati

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Nepal Army is forcefully undertaking the construction of Fast Track Highway that connects Kathmandu and Madhesh (Southern Terai) in the agricultural land left for planting rice without the permission of local indigenous people, without  considering any demands they were making to preserve their agricultural land and their historical settlements and without DPR ( Detailed Project Report ). Locals of Bungamati/Khokana have struggled for more than 10 years to present their legitimate demands to the concerned authorities and there has not been any hearings from anyone. Locals were making following demands if they are are to support this 50m wider Expressway.

1. Increase the compensation of the land that are to be captured to the maximum  considering current market rate value. ( Consider Land Acquisition Act 2034 BS )

2. Consider the EIA ( Environment Impact Assessment Report ) and change its alignment to the western bank of Bagmati river and locate it's zero point far away from historical settlements of Bungamati/Khokana. ( currently it's alignment is in the eastern bank of Bagmati river which engulfs acres of agricultural land which risks the displacement of the settlement in future )

3. Consider the mitigation measures as suggested by EIA report in order to minimize the negative impacts of this project during construction and operation of this project.

4. Make and endorse plan that protects the locals of Bungamati and Khokana from displacement from their own land in future.

5. Address the rights of indigenous people promised by ILO 169 and UNDRIP ( United Nation Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People )

6. Protect all the sites and pathway which are culturally important that falls along the alignment of the project.

If only they are to considerproject 6 points locals are ready to offer their land for this so called national glory project. There are other alternative routes and solution to connect Kathmandu and Southern Terai but Nepal Government  keeps deaf ear to the best solution. Besides Fast Track, the people of Bungamati/Khokana is victim of other disastrous projects like Outer Ring Road, Matatirtha-Harisiddhi HT 132 KV, New Town Development Plan, Bagmati Corrider etc that will soon engulf remaining agricultural land. So Please Sign this petition in order to help locals of Bungamati/Khokana to protect their agricultural land and historical settlements.

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