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Bullfighting is not a sport. Bullfighting whether Man VS Bull or Bull VS Bull, is a human obsession to inflict pain and suffering on an animal. As well, bullfighting is a revenue raising practice for its organizers, any "bullfight aficionado" should think again and stop supporting this audacious practice by not attending Corridas (bull fight events).


On February 1 the message came from the bullfight opposition that the event has been postponed. This is due to pressure from all who campaigned so far, both in Nepal and through this world wide petition. VOICES FOR CHANGE notified NOC yesterday that if they go ahead, the world will know. We circulated that message via the campaigners in Nepal.

THIS PETITION REMAINS OPEN UNTIL FEBRUARY 2014, to serve its opposition to all bulfight events. We have updated the 2000 signatures needed to 4000. Please keep signing and sharing. Thanks so much to all supporters.

Letter to
NOC President Mr. Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan
NOC Secretary General Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha

Mr. Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan,
NOC Nepal

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that NOC will hold a two day bull fighting competition February 1 and 2.

With regard for the efforts of NOC to advance human relations, we point out that a bull fighting event will adversely affect such efforts.
Bullfighting is increasingly condemned by organizations against animal exploitation and abuse throughout the world on the basis of humane principles.

This sport whether Man VS Bull or Bull VS Bull is NOT A SPORT but a mindless infliction of torture, pain and a slow agonizing death. Bullfighting is already being phased out in countries such as Spain, Mexico, the US and France, due to the demands by millions of people against animal cruelty, abuse and atrocities.

We understand the NOC has invested a large amount of money in this event, but we insist that money does not justify the torturous death of animals. Please note that we likewise condemn the torturous deaths inflicted on humans.

As we acknowledge that due to the short notice of this situation it may be difficult to cancel the event, we recommend the following change to its presentation:

As done at some Mexican Corridas, the bulls are not tortured by picas and eventual death. The bull fighters expose themselves to the bulls and when chased by the bulls they run and if necessary jump for safety behind solid fences where the bulls cannot harm the bull fighter. Also, there are several clowns in the arena who distract the bull and simultaneously entertain the audience.

Please note that due to the short time at which this came to our notice, we are notifying other organizations of this event. Please consider the alternative which would raise NOC standards set out by you in the NOC web site as well as gain the respect from the international community.

Yours faithfully,
Bob Oort
and the undersigned of this petition

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