Nepal stops its own citizen at the Indian border because they are poor daily wage worker!

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The nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic has left more than 500 Nepali migrant workers returning from India through Pithoragarh in the lurch, in Dharchula, on the Indian side of the border.

More than 450 workers returning from Pithoragarh, Didihat and Munsiyari have been stuck at Darchula border point, while more than 40 people are stranded at Baitadi’s Jhulaghat for the past three days, according to Darchula District Administration Office. Among the stranded, 100 are from Bajhang, 158 from Baitadi and 81 from Darchula.

The border bridge had opened between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday and a total of 225 Nepalis were permitted to enter Darchula. Those who arrived at the border point after 10:00pm could not make it to Nepal. Following the lockdown imposed by both the Indian and Nepal governments, migrant workers had walked for three days to get to Darchula from Pithoragarh.

In the other hand Government of Nepal is using tax payers money to bring Nepalese from third countries like China and other European nations and contemplating on bring Nepalese from Australia. Plus Government is using taxpayers money to collect tourist from different part of Nepal and bring them to Kathmandu so these nationals could be chartered back to the country by their respective Governments. But Corrupt politicians of Nepal who only do something when rich and powerful or some of their own family members are in problem. Sadly these people who are stuck in the Nepal-Indian border have neither any political connection and nor money to pay the corrupt political parties and government. This a humanitarian and constitutional crisis where people are not allowed in their own country. Its a shameful act of Nepal Government to treat its citizens in this degrading manner.

Our appeal is they immidiately let the people in right now, apologize for wrong handling and reinstate the execution of our constitutional right and act humanly. Is this too much to ask?