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we want to know,why DB Pariyar name is wipe out from history?is there any specific reason?

Poets and writers have been venerated but never an actor or a dancer. Poets did not belong to those to whom sacred texts were forbidden. Natyashashtra says that Lord Brahma created Natyashashtra or the fith Veda/ lower Veda, which, unlike the four other Vedas, would be accessible to lower caste people and women.
Maybe the reason why we are trying to wipe out DB Pariyar, a Dalit's name from our history of cinema, or even the names of actors and actresses of Harishchandra, is because of some conscious/unconscious attempt to make 'Cinema' an exclusive art which may only belong to those who had access to the Sacred texts? DB Pariyar is a 'Damai', a tailor by cast. Nepalese Brahmin rulers don't want to see the progress of Dalits, Indiginous and people who belong to the Terai belt.