Remove PREMIUM services from BLESS Online

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After the leak of the packs, the community is very concerned about the business model that you are intending to implement in the West.

Your game has failed in different regions and you are getting a new chance in the West. The community was very hyped about the game, but because of the PREMIUM services you are offering, we fear the game is going to be P2W and it will fail again in the West too. 

We would like to request for everyone to have same opportunities in-game, and not to have any "convenience" items or services. 

Another concern is the "PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE", every player must have same treatment from the customer support from the game, and must be treated equally, no matter how much they are expanding in your game. 

For this reasons, please reconsider your actions and we advise you to go back on the decision of introducing PREMIUM services and features if you want the game to succeed and have a healthy community and state.

The game has potential so don't fail for the third time.  

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